Collaborative Innovation for Decabornization

Climate Edge is an innovation studio that partners with corporates, investors and governments to develop and implement climate tech innovation and investment strategies.

Our Mission is to restore the Earth’s carbon cycle by accelerating the development and deployment of climate technologies.

What We Do


We help organizations develop their climate tech innovation strategy, identifying decarbonization gaps and climate tech opportunities. Through our extensive network of innovation partners around the world we identify and source the best startups to partner with and/or invest in.


We design and manage climate tech startup acceleration and open innovation programs. Typical programs facilitate partnerships, pilots and capital deployment between the startups, corporates and investors as well as collective learning between all the stakeholders.


Where we identify decarbonization gaps that can’t be filled by existing startups we partner with corporates, research institutes, non-profits and founders to build in-house thesis driven climate tech ventures.


We provide strategic investment advice on early stage climate tech investing and portfolio optimization. We design and manage early stage investment and grant vehicles for governments, family offices and corporates.

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Focus Areas

Climate Deploytech & Fintech

Many of the technologies to solve the climate crisis already exist. How can we use digital technologies and new business models to finance and deploy billions of small and medium sized climate tech projects around the world?

Carbon Free Electricity

How can we switch to a 100% carbon free, smart and resilient electricity system whilst doubling output?

Electrify Everything

How can we decarbonize and electrify transport, space heating, industrial heat, chemical processes and even food production?

Carbon Removal & Utilization

How can we develop energy efficient and financially viable carbon removal approaches utilizing CO2 as a natural resource for healthier soils and ecosystems as well as a feedstock for new synthetic carbon based materials, chemicals and products?

Bridging the gap between the edge of innovation and mainstream adoption.

We accelerate climate tech adoption by facilitating relationships between the edge of climate innovation and mainstream adoption.

Climate Edge has an extensive global network of hundreds of innovation and ecosystem partners that provides us with an exclusive insight into the edge of climate innovation around the world.

We are always looking for investors, innovation partners, startups, associates, mentors and experts to join our network of collaborators.


About Us

Climate Edge is comprised of a global network of climate tech innovation experts, entrepreneurs and investors. Headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal, we have partners and associates based in Asia, Europe, Africa and North America.

Hendrik Tiesinga - Founder

Hendrik has two decades of experience working in sustainability, innovation and startup ecosystem building.

He previously was the co-founder & chief strategy officer at New Energy Nexus, the world’s largest clean energy startup accelerator and funder. He also co-founded Free Electrons a startup innovation platform backed by global utilities, and was part of the founding team of The Finance Innovation Lab in London.

Through his work he has engaged with hundreds of climate tech entrepreneurs around the world. Having lived and worked in Europe, Asia, Africa and North-America, he divides his time between Lisbon and San Francisco.

Serena Nguyen - Ocean Edge Global Lead

Serena Nguyen is a seasoned leader with 13+ years of global cross-industry, and innovation experience.

She has shaped innovation strategies and ecosystems as the Innovation Services Lead and Chief of Staff to the CEO at MaRS Discovery District, North America’s largest innovation hub, and as Head of Program Operations for Microsoft for Startups Canada. As the founding Executive Director of the Coalition of Innovation Leaders Against Racism (CILAR), she demonstrates her commitment to fostering inclusive ecosystems.

In her work, she provides unique insights and action-oriented solutions to executives and startups across FinTech, Enterprise Tech and Climate Tech ecosystems.